Research Team

Dr Louise Holt

Senior Lecturer in Human Geography, Loughborough University

Dr Louise Holt

Louise’s research interests focus upon socio-spatial processes of exclusion, inclusion, embodiment and identity, and social capital. She has explored these theoretical and conceptual themes in empirical research investigating children, young people and families, disability, gentrification, and urban change.

Current and recently completed research projects include: an ESRC funded investigation into the interconnections between micro- and macro- geographies of inclusion and exclusion and the reproduction of disability and other social differences among young people; a British Academy funded project exploring the family (un)friendliness of new build urban regeneration in different national contexts (UK and Finland); and a small scale pilot project to explore the possibilities of baby geographies.


Dr Sophie Bowlby

Visiting Research Fellow/Lecturer in Human Geography, University of Reading

Sophie’s research interests are in feminist social and economic geography of urban areas and cross the divide between ‘social’ and ‘economic’ geography. She have a particular interest in the relationships between home and paid work. Specific topics areas are: access and mobility, retailing and shopping, racialised gendering and employment and caring obligations and employment.

Sophie is a longstanding member of both the RGS/IBG Women and Geography Study Group and the Social and Cultural Study Group. She is a Director and Chairperson of ReadiBus, a bus service in Reading for people who cannot use ordinary buses.


Dr Jennifer Lea

Research Associate in Human Geography, Loughborough University

Jennifer is interested in geographies of the body and embodiment. She is currently working on this project looking at the social relationships of children with special educational needs in mainstream and special schools. Emerging from this are particular interests in technologies of wellbeing, such as the use of restorative justice and the Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning within schools. She is also involved in an AHRC funded project with Chris Philo and Louisa Cadman which looks at everyday spiritual practices (such as yoga and meditation) in Brighton. Her previous research explored health, care and embodied learning through the practices of therapeutic massage and yoga.

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