What happens to our findings?

We are presenting our findings in lots of places – some aimed at academics and students and others targeting people who work in education, who might change what they do, or carry on with what they do well, based on what the people who have helped us with our project have said.


We can’t make anyone listen to what we have to say, but we are presenting our findings in lots of different places!


We have presented at conferences in the UK and overseas – in the USA in New York and Seattle and in Groningen in the Netherlands.  At conferences, academics and other people get together and talk about their most recent research.  We give presentations, often using power-point.



We organised three workshops in different Local Authorities to talk to people who work in education in these areas, young people and parents about what we found.  We also asked for feedback on our findings, which helped us to think about them in different ways.


So far, we have written two academic papers in journals.  These are a bit like magazines, which other academics, students and people who work in education might read.


We have also written a chapter for a book.


Finally, we held a big conference at our university.  We invited young people, teachers, and academics. 

 our conference


We are writing more papers, chapters and reports.  Soon, we will write an article for a magazine for head teachers and a report for people who work in education.


If you want to see more about the outputs from the project, please follow this link: