What we (or perhaps you) did

We visited nine schools in three different areas. We went into each school and spent time finding out about what happened there. We watched what the school members did, talked to them and asked them questions about school, their friends and what they enjoyed doing in their spare time. We spent time in the classrooms, the playground, the lunch hall, after school clubs and breakfast clubs.

We invited some young people and adults to take part in the research. About 12 children or young people in each school took part. We wanted to find out about what they thought and felt about school, what they liked to do in school and outside of school, the things that helped them or stopped them from doing these things, and about their friendships.

As well as talking to us, we asked young people to do other things to tell us about their friendships and feelings about school. Some chose to take photos with a disposable camera, some drew us pictures or comic strips, others wrote and performed plays. Others just wanted to chat with us.  All these different things helped us to find out what mattered to the young people.

We also talked to teachers, parents, staff from the Local Authority, local charities and people that run activities and clubs. We asked them about how they helped young people to make friends and take part in leisure activities. We also asked them why they thought friendships were important, and what things stopped or helped young people to make friends.

All of these things helped us to find out more about friendships and leisure activities.